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6 weeks - 24 months
Infants and toddlers have tens of thousands of new brain connections or circuits, called synapses, forming each second , and millions of synapses forming every hour — anywhere from 36 million to hundreds of millions!

For our babies we use "Your Baby Can Read Program." Each month your child's class will watch a video that contains the site words for that month twice a da. They will also have a review using both a book and flashcards. The purpose of the review is to reinforce the site words using both audio and visual learning tools.

This program will give your child the tools for increased communication, enhance learning ability and overall confidence. Your child will learn naturally and easily along with smiles, laughter and fun. The earlier your child starts to read the more likely they are to enjoy it.

They also do activities which help with color, letter and number recognition. These activities include arts and crafts, painting, sensory play and coloring. 
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